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[electricity class] can the air conditioner be connected to the socket?


Recently, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. The temperature is often 30 ℃ +. Sitting still is sweating. Air conditioning has become a necessary summer resort.

However, the problem came again. When I used the air conditioner, I found that there was no wall plug near the air conditioner. Can the air conditioner be directly connected to the socket? Please look at the breakthrough "electricity class" Lesson 17: can the air conditioner be connected to the socket?



As mentioned in the above small class, air conditioning is a special high-power electrical appliance. It is difficult to bring general sockets, so we must choose a special high-power socket; Moreover, in order to avoid damage to other electrical appliances caused by frequent startup of the air conditioner, it is best to have a separate socket with a switch to know the power on situation at any time.

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