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 Q: Does the company's products have 3C certification?
 A: Some products have CCC certification. The company has CCC certification mark on such products. Since the converter products manufactured and processed according to the national standard GB2099.3-2008 have not been included in the national CCC certification, such products are not required and CCC certification cannot be conducted.
Q: How do you compare with other brand outlets
A: The company is a professional plug and socket converter product production unit, is the national standard development unit of such products, has an industry-leading professional R & D and management team, more than 10 years of product development and production experience, ISO9001 quality system guarantee, to ensure that each product The quality and good service system fully relieve users of their worries. The company's products are positioned high-end and pursue excellence in similar products.
Q: Where is your maintenance address? How to repair?
A: Our company is currently in the service point of national service at No. 56, Dahongmen Jiujingzhuang, Fengtai District, Beijing. We will establish repair sites in various places in the later stages. If your address is in Beijing, you can go directly to the maintenance point for maintenance. The customer who maintains the repair site can send the delivery service to our company (do not use postal delivery, receive no product). You are responsible for the single shipping charges. The charge returned by the outlet is the responsibility of our company. Maintenance is free.
Q: How to judge the authenticity of products? Is there a security code query?
A: 1. Can you see if there is any breakthrough security mark? 2. Is it purchased from a regular channel? 3. Is there a company LOGO on the product casing and functional parts? 4. Currently, the company does not have a security code.
Q: How long is the product's service life?
A: The product has no mandatory service life. For the sake of safety, we recommend that the product be used during the warranty period.
Q: What happened to the sudden power failure of the product in the absence of a public power outage?
A: There are several situations when the product suddenly loses power: The first kind of socket is full of electrical appliances, and each appliance is working. This kind of situation is generally used by the user in overload, and it is necessary to reduce the load and restore the overload protection to the initial state. The second circuit has an abnormal situation such as a short circuit, including the circuit problem and the problem of the electrical appliance itself. It is necessary to find the problem by checking the row to solve it.
Q: Rated current 10A, rated power 2500W refers to the power of all jacks or a single jack?
A: The use power and current of a single jack that is not referred to means that the total power used by all jacks of the product cannot exceed 2500W or the sum of all jacks cannot exceed 10A.
Q: Does your company have more than 16A outlet sales
A: The maximum rated power of the civilian socket series specified by the national standard is 16A, which is also the maximum rating that we can provide for this type of product. 16A and above current sockets From the viewpoint of safety performance, we recommend that you use custom sockets for industrial connectors, which are available in our PDU series.
Q: Can your company produce more than 63A?
A: At present, our company can only produce products with a maximum rated current of 63A.
Q: I can customize the product with 1U*1.5U shape and 63A current rating
A: Due to structural space limitations, the maximum rated current of our current 1U*1.5U products can only provide 32A. For products that require a rated current of 63A, we can choose a product with a 1.5W external dimension width, such as 1.5U*1.5U. , 1.5U*1U
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