History / History

     Since its establishment in Zhongguancun in 1995, Breakthrough has been focusing on the socket industry for 23 years. It has more than 100 patents including double-acting protection doors, shield-shaped bumpers, overload protection, and USB functions. It is a national leader in safe electricity use, integrated interconnection, Intelligent power distribution management expert.

     As a member of the Association of IGRS Alliance, Executive Vice President of the Beijing Private Technology Industry Association, a member of the National Standards Working Group, and a member of the China Quality Inspection Association, it has participated in and participated in various national plugs and converters. The standard has been formulated, and it has won more than 150 honorary certificates such as "Consumer Trustworthy Technology Products", the Top Ten Influence Brands of China Electrical & Electronics, the New Product Innovation Award, and the "Red Star Award", the award for China's industrial design.

In 1995, the breakthrough was established in Zhongguancun and won the title of “High-tech Enterprise”. In the same year, the first trademark was applied for.

In 1997, the company first introduced the concept of industrial styling in the industry through the production license factory acceptance audit.

In 2000, It has passed the acceptance of the special product manufacturer of Aerospace Science and technology group and become one of the aerospace socket manufacturers.

In 2008, he obtained a high-tech enterprise certificate, was selected as a famous brand in Beijing, and completed the 2008 version certification for ISO9001.

In 2009, the innovative 100 pilot companies in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Zhongguancun

In 2011, obtained ISO14001 certificate

In 2017, M&A completed with Power Futures, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Power Future.

In 2017, it was honored as “National Quality Trustworthy Product”

     Involved in aerospace and passed the test - In 2000, Breakthrough passed the review and confirmation of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and became a special manufacturer of aerospace converters, and has participated in the "Shenzhou", "Long March", "Yan" and "Temple of Heaven". A series of Aerospace Launch tasks are currently one of the domestic aerospace socket manufacturers.
     Cross-border integration and hand-in-hand with Xiaomi – In 2015, the company broke through with Xiaomi and used a breakthrough R&D team to create an explosive product that subverted the traditional outlet industry – millet plug-in board, We have broken through the bottleneck of the industry and achieved the domestic sales volume of single patch panel of over 100 million.

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